Mr. Big

By Deborah

We are creatures of habit, and as such, I form daily habits while here at Mercy too~ the New Normal.  So it is that every day after I eat lunch in the Canteen upstairs, I wander into the Mercy house where Mr. Big, age five months, currently lives. He is usually hanging out with his caregiver, the housemom, on the open-air deck outside the dorm.  She clearly adores him.

His name is laughable.  I know because I bought him a newborn-sized kimono shirt and newborn diapers, and he swims in them.  I sit quietly by his housemom’s side and talk to him for a few minutes each day.  Today I sang Itsy Bitsy Spider to him and he tracked my hand movements: round, dark eyes staring up at this farang who speaks to him in a language he hasn’t heard before.  He seemed to like the song.

Is he sick?  I dunno.  I haven’t asked. Maybe.


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