Dinner with Father Joe

By Michael

Deborah and I met Father Joe, Tom C, and Ratana at Bourbon Street, a Cajun-style restaurant for dinner Friday night.  The owner of Bourbon Street is a supporter of Father Joe, and he puts on a golf tournament every year with the proceeds going to Mercy.  It is always fun to get Father away from the hustle bustle of the Mercy campus and have him to ourselves over a beer.  He grew up in the Northwest, so he and Deborah talked about clams and other Washingtonian memories.  Tom grew up in Milwaulkee, so he and I compared notes about growing up in the Midwest.  We talked about how the financial crisis is going to affect Mercy in the coming year.  This one-on-one time gives me a chance to ask Father Joe questions about his philosophy on life.  He never ceases to amaze me.  We ended the evening with a couple of servings of pecan pie and ice cream.  And on the walk home, Deborah and I, once again, talked about how lucky we are to be allowed to be part of the Mercy family.


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